I am up to my


I am up to my eyeballs in boxes, and having a hard time knowing where to start. Don’t think, just do, seems to be what I need.


I am texting from my


I am texting from my cell phone. I have slept all day. I am going to blame that on being prego. I just moved in last week.

Feeling Good

MMama3Today the city is leaving a dumpster at our home. We had hoped to have the home cleaned out and all the extra unwanted stuff, that was not good enough for the DI, ready to go into the dumpster. But alas that is not where we are at. I took today off of work because I feel and inspiration coming on, and I am ready to attack my home. These To-Do lists on here have proven to be helpful so I am going to try that again today. Well.. Actually my to do list is simple to get me started. Continue reading