Thursday – Mom’s day off

moms-day-off-logoSo I have declared Thursday as Moms day off. Why? Because Thursday is the one day I am not running crazy busy ALL day, just PART of the day. So, no, I do not really get the whole day off. But I try to take some time in the day for me. Today in the middle of the day I sent my kids off to play, had the house to myself, and I could not think of what to do, just for me. I kept almost starting to-do tasks, or working on projects. I kept having to remind myself that I was taking a break. I relaxed, caught up on some blogs, wanted to blog some new posts… But my brain seemed blocked and could not blog. So now…. I have stayed up several hours after bed time blogging about all the things I wanted to do on my day off. Ah well… Best laid plans… I had fun blogging, and, I did spend some time not doing any important tasks, just taking a break, so that was good.