Alluminum Allergy and PTSD symptoms

TMMttlmuffin6I have been transferring over old blog posts from 2009. They were on a blog I had that was dedicated to Aluminum Allergy. It was a blog I wrote when I discovered that Alum powder is often in foods. The foods that are most likely to have alum are pickles (for crispness) tortillas (for crispness and anti caking) baking powder and many baked goods such as cakes, cookies etc (for anti caking), and sometimes even special sauces at restaurants (like cheese sauce, again for anti caking). Continue reading


Best Pin of Feb 2012

FEb 2012 Best Pin Frame 1st

Beneficial, Edible and Useful Flowers
Um… Yes, I did vote my own pin the best. This is because of all of the pins I have pinned this one got the most repins. And I like it :). But I am sure I am bias. Continue reading