Chicken composting

compostWe keep our chickens in our dog run, so technically it is a chicken Run. Lol…
We are composting in the chicken run.  Whenever w have extra food or leftovers that are not meat we “feed” it to our chickens, by placing it in our chicken run to compost.  So there is allot of organic verioty composting in there.  We also throw in the grass clippings.  We spread them out in their so they will dry out and compost well.  Because grass gets slimy and stinky if it is left in a pile.  We also throw in leaves to compost.
This soil was quite rich at the start of winter, so it became quite muddy in there.  We scattered hay over it and can now walk in there much better.  We also are using straw and hay as bedding for the chickens.
I expect all of this to be a lovely mess of compost we can use in our planter beds come spring.