What did I do today?

what-did-you-do-todayThat feeling when you get down to the end of the day. You are exhausted. And you cant remember what you did all day. Instead all you can see is the to-do’s you are surrounded by that you did not get to.

In the past I have blogged about my to-done’s so that I can feel a sense of accomplishment. Instead of feeling frustrated at all I did not do. Continue reading



holding hands

Dare I write a post about this topic?

My good blogger friend Grace to Survive just wrote about this topic Childhood Losses Due To Abuse. If you are not a survivor of sexual abuse you may need to read her post to understand this post in context. Those of us who have been abused struggle with intimacy. Continue reading

Journaling – The magic head sorter.

Woman-journaling-writing-pen-notebookI am writing down so many of my thoughts now. When I am upset, I write it down.  When I am trying to sort things out, I write them down. When I feel good, I write it down.  In this way my journal has become my magic head sorter.


vanityI try to never be so vain as to judge another persons life. Knowing full well that the only thing I know is what works best for my life. It seems vanity to stand at a distance outside of someones life and believe that you know better what that persons life needs. Life is never simple. Most likely when we look at someone elses life and vainly feel we know how to simply solve the problems in another persons life, we are only able to hold onto the delusion of knowing better, because infact we know so little about what is a very complicated and unique life. Again, judging someone elses life is all vanity.


Getting Sleep

BedtimeWordSunday – Going to sleep at 12:30..
This week my goal is to go to bed by 11:00 pm every night.
Here I will track how I am doing
Monday – Goodness I went to bed way to late. I thought that tracking it in here would motivate me to get to sleep good, but I forgot :(.
Tuesday – it is 11pm and I am not in bed yet :(.. I am up talking with christine about Sundays dinner. But I am heading to bed now and it is 11:20, almost on time.
Wednesday – 12:30
Thursday – 10:30 YEA!
Friday – 11:00 Yea!