Getting Tons Done, Stressing Less – Time Management

the focus funnel
the focus funnel

I have been getting so much done lately! I have been stressing a lot less!

A friend of mine posted this Blog post on facebook.

How to get more done when you have small kids.

That post lead me to this video

How To Multiply Your Time | Rory Vaden | TEDxDouglasville

These are the notes I took from that video.

Time management is not logical, it is emotional.

Time management started out by focusing entirely on efficiency. (You might remember the Cheaper By the Dozen dad and his measurement of efficiency called the Therblig)

Then Covey’s came out with his version of time management that considers Urgency and Importance.

Neither of these forms of time management created more time.

In Franklin Covey’s time management, urgency stood for how soon, importance stood for how much. Rory Vaden suggest we should also consider significance which means how much time will it cost.

Rory Vaden suggest we should ask the question “What can I do now that will make the future better?” He says we need to give ourselves emotional permission to spend time on things today that make more time tomorrow.

He showed how we could send our task through the focus funnel in order to focus on the most important things to be done. The focus funnel asks these series of questions.

  1. Can I eliminate this, is it even worth doing? He states that we are always saying no to something. Anytime you say yes to something you are saying no to an infinite number of other things.
  2. Can I automate the task? Each task should be evaluated for its R.O.T.I or return on time invested. Automation is to time as compounding interest is to money.
  3. Can I delegate this task? Can I teach someone else to do this? He says you can delegate anything and uses a very funny story from his childhood as an example. In fact, he says that you MUST delegate tasks to other people, so that they an master the task too. This creates significance.
  4. Does this need to be done now? If it needs to be done then concentrate on it and get it done.
  5. Can this wait until later? If it can wait them procrastinate on purpose. Work on what needs to be done now and pop the other task back to the top of the focus funnel. Either you will end up doing the task when it is time, or you will learn to automate it, delegate it or even better eliminate it, which is what you should do if you can.

Rory Vaden says that waiting to do something we know we should do, but do not feel like doing, is procrastination. Procrastination is the number one killer of success. In comparison. Rory says that waiting to do something because it is not the right time is patience, which is a virtue.

He summarizes with some spiritual themes. Saying things like. God said be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth. And, we were created in Gods Image.

Getting tons done, Stressing less

I built a very detailed spread sheet for me to put my task in and funnel them out to what I need to do today. I like spread sheets, and normally use something like this to manage my to-do’s. This new formula though is targeting the most important things, and removing the stress I feel for not being able to do it all. These new concepts could be life changing for me given more time!!


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