My New Blogs

miathriver avatar2Hello all my followers. I have divided my blog posts out to several different blogs based on posting topics. It did not seem right to have a blog post about Homeschooling one day and then the next day have a blog post about being a Survivor of Abuse all on the same blog.

It occurred to me that my followers might prefer to be able to pick and choose which topics they followed that I blog about. Also I wanted more freedom with which blog posts were automatically promoted, and where.

So here you have it, seven, that is right, seven different blogs, whew! But they are all seamlessly connected in the menus at the top of the blogs. All the blogs have the same formatting. As you navigate through the blogs it will feel like you are on one seamless blog. But you can now decide which topics you want to follow because the topics are divided on to different blogs.

Here are my new Blogs. Please go to my new blogs and follow them based on which topics you are most interested in. Thank you for following my blogs!

Jeanine A Blogger
A collection of my best blog posts, reblogged posts, review posts, and quotes I have collected.

Jeanine A Thriver
A Blog about overcoming Childhood Sexual Abuse and Incest at the hands of my Pedophile father.

Jeanine A Doodler
A Blog dedicated to my doodling. Also dedicated to Adult Coloring Pages that I create and sell on Etsy.

Jeanine A Homesteader
This Blog contains posts about everything from farm animals, cooking with whole foods, parenting, marriage relationships, time management, homemaking, and general everyday household stuff.

Jeanine A Homeschooler
This blog is dedicated to my posts about homeschooling my children and post about my own continued learning.

Jeanine A Believer
This blog is dedicated to my thoughts on religious and political topics.

Jeanine A DJ
No, I am not actually a DJ, lol! But I needed a word that covered my love for collecting music. This blog is dedicated to my collection of songs and my comments on those songs.

Enjoy all my new blogs! I hope you come back often to see what I am blogging about!!


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