What did I do today?

what-did-you-do-todayThat feeling when you get down to the end of the day. You are exhausted. And you cant remember what you did all day. Instead all you can see is the to-do’s you are surrounded by that you did not get to.

In the past I have blogged about my to-done’s so that I can feel a sense of accomplishment. Instead of feeling frustrated at all I did not do.

  • drove daughter 1 to school
  • drove daughter 3 to school
  • took eye glasses to daughter 3 when she forgot them
  • dropped off perscriptions
  • got my blood drawn for test for my next doctors visit
  • picked up perscriptions
  • got the boys ready to play with friends
  • picked up daughter 3 from school
  • went grocery shopping
  • dropped daughter 3 and my two boys to their friends house to play
  • looked at adult coloring facebook pages
  • posted to some coloring pages facebook pages
  • doodled
  • picked my kids up
  • practiced reading with daughter 3
  • wrote down a homework to-do list for daughter 3
  • helped daughter 3 do photography homework
  • helped daughter 3 do art homework

Now I am exhausted, my head is fuzzy. I have proven to myself that I have done a lot today, so hopefully I will not feel guilty. I cant wait for my husband to come home to take me on a date.

Oh yea, I just did one more.

  • blogged

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