MMama3Hello, I am a mother of four delightful children and I am 32 years old. I have troubles with short term memory, and this problem has been getting worse and worse. Short term memory problems in someone my age with out any injury, does not really make sense to many people. My medical doctor and herbalist were not very concerned about this issue. I started taking herbs that claim to help with memory. But I have not noticed much improvement. Finally the other day I started to wonder if maybe aluminum might be the reason for this problem. I was fortunate enough to find a web page by JoAnne Struve on ALUMINUM-ABSTINENCE THERAPY. This Blog will be place for me to journal about applying aluminum abstinence therapy in my life.

I started out by reading through the Signs of Aluminum Poisoning by JoAnne Struve. I was surprised to see that I had many of the signs.
  • Heightened sensitivity to light or darkness. – Yes, when I am stressed.
  • Abnormal sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures. – Yes, mild
  • An aversion to noise, touch, movement, odors, etc. – Yes
  • Unexplained feelings of apprehension or uneasiness. – Yes, always.
  • Feelings of inferiority, embarrassment or shame. – Yes, always.
  • Feelings of irritability, agitation or annoyance. – Yes, always.
  • Bowel and urinary dysfunction (incontinence) – Yes
  • Fatigue (extreme exhaustion) – Yes
  • Sleep disorders – Yes
  • Dyslexia – Yes
  • Displaced or unsubstantiated guilt – Yes
  • Unrealistic expectations of oneself – Yes…
  • Forgetfulness (short-term memory loss) – Yes, this was my main complaint
  • Difficulty managing time – Yes
  • Diminished capacity to meet deadlines – Yes
  • Diminished capacity to plan ahead – Yes
  • Diminished ability to organize – Yes
  • Diminished performance of former accomplishments – Yes
  • Inability to focus or sort through problems – Yes
  • Difficulty listening to others – Yes
  • Poor personal hygiene – Yes
  • Difficulty in showing affection – Yes
  • Feelings of inadequacy and dependency – Yes
  • Continuous talking or telling stories to strangers – Yes
  • Divulging personal/private information to strangers – Yes
  • Decreased capacity to handle personal finances – Yes
That was a score of 25 Yes’s out of 63 symptoms so 39% of the symptoms.
I was surprised at all the ways Aluminum could affect my life… But I was unprepared for what I read next.
THE FOLLOWING PRODUCTS MAY CONTAIN TOXIC AMOUNTS OF ALUMINUM: Foods made with aluminized baking powder*, self-rising flour*, and salt.
Baking Powder?? – My kids call me The Muffin Mama, because of how much I love to bake muffins, and many other yummy things from store bought mixes.
Salt?? – That is in EVERYTHING!!! I have since read that sea salts are a good source of salt without any aluminum in them. I use to only use sea salts, then I started to have thyroid problems and after reading web pages about how Iodine in salts helps your thyroid I decided to start using normal salt again.
Needless to say I had a strong emotional reaction to this, and cried real good. Then I emailed JoAnne Struve. She gave me this additional information.
  • Chicken McNuggets contain aluminum. Children who eat them regularly end up with symptoms of autism. – OH NO! my kids love these!!
  • Pickles in fast food hamburgers and Subways contain aluminum. – If they dont eat nuggets then they eat hamburgars!
  • Be cautious about eating the baked goods brought by others to church, because many of them are likely to contain aluminum. Even meat dishes are sometimes tainted with it. Eating the AAT diet is full of challenges, especially for children.
  • Your friends will want to know about aluminum, even if some are skeptical. (They will read about it privately.)


  1. Considering your difficult and painful childhood those symptoms could be related to long term untreated PTSD of which I struggle with too. And environmental elements can exacerbate symptoms. I’m highly sensitive to stimuli around me.
    I have heard of aluminum’s bad effects, including memory loss in the elder years after long term use of pots and pans that are made with it. It is also in many deodorants. I still have one or pans I can’t bear to throw out but wonder what it’s doing to me when I use them.

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    • Yes, I think you are totally right about the PTSD. This is a post from 2009 that I am transferring onto this blog. It is interesting to me how much is similar with PTSD. I was always looking for a solution. First it was Thyroid, then Anxiety, then Aluminum Allergy… And Each of those I think taught me a bit more about myself… But in the end really it was PTSD that explained it the most. Which was something I could not see when I was in denial.


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